Gift ideas to celebrate a 25th Wedding Anniversary... the Silver Anniversary!

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25th Anniversary Gift for Parents: Silver Anniversary Vases

These sterling silver vases were designed to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary. The shapes symbolize 2 people coming together. Though each vase looks great on its own, they were designed to be together. A special gift to celebrate 25 years of marriage... Silver is the traditional material for a 25th anniversary, adding to the symbolism.

25th anniversary silver vases - gift for parents

Diamond Droplet in Sterling Silver - 25th Anniversary Pendant

This diamond droplet necklace was inspired by a single drop of water lightly touching the surface of a still lake. Its effects are felt far beyond where it began... This original design was crafted in sterling silver, especially to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.

25th anniversary diamond droplet pendant

25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (silver anniversary): Harmony Heart with silver beads

The Harmony Heart pendant symbolizes 2 people coming together to form 1 heart. Silver is for 25th... so this solid Sterling Silver pendant and chain were made for the occasion.This necklace was created specially to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary.

25th Anniversary Gift Necklace - Harmony Heart with Silver Beads

Silver Wedding Anniversary Harmony Heart: 25 diamonds (pave setting)

This special necklace was created for a 25th wedding anniversary. One side of the meaningful Harmony Heart is silver, the other has 25 diamonds set within it. The diamonds are individually hand set very closely together to create a continuous shimmering surface of diamonds. Beauty and meaning combined...

25 diamond pave pendant -25th anniversary gift

Silver Anniversary Gift - 25 Diamond Harmony Heart (sterling silver)

This Harmony Heart pendant also has 25 diamond hand set within it. 10 diamonds spiral down the center, 7 are spread out on one side, and 8 on the other. The Heart pendant itself is solid sterling silver. This design was created to celebrate a 25th wedding anniversary... between the 25 diamonds, the silver setting, and the meaning of the Harmony Heart itself!

Silver heart with 25 diamonds - 25th anniversary gift

25 Diamond Facet Necklace - 25 diamonds set in Sterling Silver

This original Facet pendant has 25 diamonds. Five are set on each of the five sides of this unique sterling silver pendant.
Facets Jewelry was inspired by life: many sides, many facets… This is an original design, only sold at Architects Touch. The 25 diamonds set in sterling silver, make it a natural fit as a 25th wedding anniversary gift. Silver is the traditional material for 25 years of marriage, and there's a diamond for every year...

Sterling Silver Facet pendant with 25 diamonds - 25th anniversary gift